HOWHOT Heat Pump water heaters

HOWHOT Heat Pump water heaters are planet friendly, saves you money, is manufactured locally and comes with no catch but a money back guarantee!

HOWHOT guarantees complete satisfaction with our heat pump supplies. Since all our heat pumps are locally manufactured in KwaZulu Natal, therefore they are more affordable. This makes us the leading heat pump supplier in South Africa. Our heat pumps are environmentally friendly as they do not produce harmful waste and create their energy by absorbing thermal and electro mechanical energy from the surrounding atmosphere. Our HOWHOT heat pumps are convenient, effective and decrease your heating bill. We have complete confidence that we are the best heat pump supplier in South Africa, which is also why we offer money back; guarantee if you are unsatisfied with our product or supplies.

  • Howhot Heat Pumps saves energy from 50-80%
  • Conveniently effective
  • Functioning, all 365 days of the year, no matter what the weather.
  • Converts any geyser or boiler into a heat pump system
  • Able to heat more than one geyser simultaneously
  • Environment friendly product
  • Over 45 years in the business, manufactured and supplied locally

With electricity prices escalating, homeowners are frantically investigating all possible avenues in a bid to reduce energy consumption. Because the biggest ‘gobbler’ in a household is the geyser the search was narrowed to solar heating systems. Most have discovered that solar panels in particular are not within budget even with a rebate. The utility company subsidizes this system, which has an initial attractive appeal but upon closer inspection of the facts, leaves much to be desired. These system advertised savings of up to 40%. This maximum is only achieved on a hot summers day in the middle of the season. The consumer is not privy to the fact that a back-up-electric element kicks in when it is overcast and in the evenings.

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